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Help for...?

Are emotions more important than facts in reputation building?  Is the attention-grabbing headline more influential than an objective analysis of a situation?


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Posted on: 14th November 2011 in , , .

Excite, not satisfy.

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new”.

The death of Steve Jobs, and the impact he had on society and business has filled vast areas of the media in the last week.  I’m not going to talk about that – others are more capable – but will look at an aspect of his approach and philosophy that can apply to every organisation, not just Apple.

Jobs’ quote above demonstrates his belief in always looking ahead.

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Posted on: 11th October 2011 in .

Making the new familiar...

“Making the new familiar and the familiar new”.

 According to Stephen Fry this is a definition of poetry, but it’s also absolutely true of good marketing.

A new product, organisation or service will each be an unknown quantity.  The unfamiliar organisation or service or, indeed, situation makes us less likely to feel comfortable

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Posted on: 31st July 2011 in .

Olympics ticket communications

I confess. I’ve got Olympics tickets. Not sure which ones but I know I’ve had some success in the ballot.  Those of you who haven’t been lucky may start hissing now but I think the process was as fair as possible.  Would I feel the same way if I hadn’t been fortunate? I honestly can’t say but the whole communications process around Olympic ticketing should have had some affect.

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Posted on: 9th June 2011 in .

What's Your Vision?

“Four hundred years ago you were executed as a witch if you said you’d had a vision, now they’re compulsory”.  I heard this at a conference and it’s stayed with me when working with clients. It seems that every organisation has articulated, or wants to develop, its “vision”.  Interestingly, many of them struggle to describe what they see.

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Posted on: 18th May 2011 in .

First impressions

First impressions are definitely important. Sometimes later experience causes us to revise our assessment of a person or organisation but not always. That’s why getting off on the right foot is a key part of building reputation, trust, and custom.

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Posted on: 6th March 2011.

Flight of Communications Fancy?

Surely it’s time for BAA (or any airport operator) to get all their airlines together and construct an unambiguous communications plan that spells out who is responsible for what?  Total clarity on the frequency of updates, who communicates about specific flights, who about passenger facilities for those delayed, etc.  It’s a sensible pooling of the expertise and resources that exist. 

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Posted on: 22nd December 2010.

Only useful information please

I have a big sense of déjà vu about the government’s claim that it will bring new openness to public services.  That it will somehow create a new “citizen accountability” on the part of schools, hospitals, councils etc.  I can’t help but feel that it’s been done before and that some of the new proposals are more about being seen to do something rather than actions that will deliver great benefits to anyone.

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Posted on: 10th November 2010.

Tough Times need Marketing

Regardless of our individual political or philosophical stances, we will have to look for the best way to identify and maximise opportunities in the new financial and policy arena. Rightly or wrongly this is the future we have to work in. It is the future in which all those committed to public service must still explore ways of delivering the best possible outcomes for students or patients, and for colleagues and staff.
Is this anything that marketing or good communications can help with?    


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Posted on: 12th October 2010 in .

Cut with care

Communications can be a soft target. But a slash and burn approach to them can be very counterproductive

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Posted on: 29th September 2010.

"Why" - As Good As Caffeine

Apparently caffeine improves memory.  The daily cup of coffee not only perks you up it helps you retain information too.  The double boost of being energised for the future as well as holding on to what’s gone before. 

As someone who likes his coffee I feel better just for reading about this. However I’d like to think that there’s an idea from this that can be applied to organisations too. 

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